Nicole Geary, Elephant Rock

Type: Red Dot 2019 PREVIEW
Price: $240.00


Nicole Geary

Elephant Rock


Photo intaglio in a limited edition of 8

Paper 11 x 14" , framed 16 x 20"



"Before I visited the Mojave National Preserve, I was fortunate to have been exposed to years of research in this area from my studies in geology and sedimentology. My work is informed by science: how understanding the rocks, features in the environment, and our surroundings will help us make sense of the past, and by consequence, ourselves. I knew that my experiments here would be with the idea of time and a focus on how that pertains to the desert environment.


After my arrival at the Preserve, I decided that my printmaking background coupled with the use of the camera should direct my work for this residency. It would give me the opportunity to make multiples, and as such, let time manifest itself in a tangible way. Because my work is guided by my interest in memory and history, the idea of framing my interactions through the lens of the camera helped me to literally “capture” a moment in time. In addition, the process I chose to make my work, photogravure, is a very time-consuming and laborious effort that I feel reflects the conceptual integration I created, from my work to the formations and sites I witnessed in the Mojave. To interact with my emotional connection to the landscape, I altered the images as I worked, creating poetic remarks on the plate, or enhancing the way the feeling of the place is portrayed through my use of color or size. The study of the geology of the Mojave and its many amazing features has opened my eyes to the possibilities of multiple histories, experiences, and glimpses of what it means to navigate time and understand the past. Tracing the FormerWorldis my way of looking at what came before me, and connecting to it with sensitivity and analytic perseverance. 


The Mojave National Preserve is a vast and particularly special set of circumstances that allows us to explore not only many former worlds, but future models of the environment, in the present tense. The storytelling of the people who have lived here, the volcanoes that have erupted here, and the sands of time that blow through here all contribute to a fascinating and eternally important place in the world of both science and art. The images in [this body of work] seek to tell part of that story."



-Nicole Geary