Blake Kennedy, Hanging Rock series #2

Type: Red Dot 2019 ART SALE
Price: $550.00


Blake Kennedy

Hanging Rock series #2


Porcelain, slip, glaze

20 ¾” x 23 ¼” x 2”



"Constantly drawn to nature’s many different landscapes, my central interest is in liminal areas between a landscape’s changing topography.  For example, where an ocean meets a shoreline.  This space is never static.  Instead, it remains a visual example of the landscape’s constant flux.  These ambiguous points of transition ruminate, and in doing so, provide moments of reflection, memory, and growth.  In a similar way, I think of working with clay as a liminal process.  The material goes through constant transformation as the object is being formed.  The pieces I make reference the different landscapes I have experienced, and the impressions they have left of me.  My studio practice alternates between exploring these landscapes through utilitarian pieces, and investigating them in more sculptural installation based works." - Blake Kennedy