Allison Valdivia, Con Cariño

Type: Red Dot 2019 PREVIEW
Price: $1,500.00


Allison Valdivia

Con Cariño


17 3/4 x 17 3/4 x 2"

Oil, acrylic, pastel on panel, oil on plexiglass, aluminum standoffs



"I am exploring the heartbreak and disarray that occurs between broken families. I’ve witnessed a pattern in the absence of male figures within my family and it's intergenerational effects. As I uncover forgotten family photographs, I find myself playing the part of a historian, exploiting the void that has occurred in our lives. This particular collection of images takes place during a time when the bond within a family was at its strongest and still intact as they come together as immigrants in a new country. I am both fascinated and inspired by traces of action left behind by the owners of the many photos I’ve recovered, such as a deliberate rip or a tear. The passage of time can be witnessed in photos by both normal wear and references to technologies and skills that are becoming obsolete. Discarded love letters are found written out on the back of a selection of photographs, the red ink staining the paper and becoming a permanent part of the recorded history." - Allison Valdivia