Meredith Dean, BLUE PRINT

Type: 30th Anniversary
Price: $1,200.00


Meredith Dean

Blue Print


Relief and intaglio print with pearl ink and engraved plexiglass

23 x 23”

Edition of 30


Created in celebration of Blue Star Contemporary’s 30th birthday and Grand Re-Opening, Dean’s print is comprised of imagary from the renovation plans, the road map of San Antonio and the sky map of the sky over BSC at 6pm on Nov. 4, 2016. The projected shadow from the incised plexiglas indicates a compass.

Meredith Dean Blue Print


Framing Directions



1)    Purchase plexiglass from Plastic Supply (210-222-8091), or Allied Plastic Supply             (210-655-2415)

    Plexiglass: 28” x 28” (1/8” thick) 

    @ $30.00/ sheet (call to verify current cost)


2)    Plexiglass will be engraved at Monarch Trophy (210-344-3777). Cost will be $30.00 a         piece when ordered in bulk of 5 or more. They have the design on file under Meredith         Dean, or Blue Star Contemporary.


3)    Framing at Salon, or with Andy Benavides will cost $150 per frame. Both of which have         been discounted for BSC.




-    Print size (23” x 23”)


-    Engraved side of plexiglass faces toward the print. 


-    Matboard, and frame will be a flat bright white. No gloss


-    The print will be float mounted, so that the edges of the print are left uncovered. 


-    The remaining 15 prints are stored in the vault flat file.

The plexiglas is etched to order, and it will take 2-3 weeks to fulfill the order. Please contact Elaine at with any questions.

The prints are in #4 of the flat file and 5 brand new plexi's are in bay 5 of the BSC Vault.

3/27/2020 P Seeman